protecting sensitive data on your Web Browser.


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IDentityJammer Obfuscates critical Data on your Web-App. Sensitive Data is either Masked, Anonymized, Redacted or Concealed so it could be secured from unauthorized access.

IDentityJammer is an Add-on to Internet Explorer. IDentityJammer runs on any Windows 7,8,10 PC that has Internet Explorer Versions 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 or 11.0 installed.

IDentityJammer Capability ShortList

IDentityJammer obscures sensitive Data on Web Applications. IDentityJammer is applicable to any Web-App that has private Data. A Good Rule of Thumb for applying IDentityJammer AutoJam to a Web-App to see if That Website has a logon-screen.

IDentityJammer enables you to De-Identify any data that reaveals an individual's Identitiy. IDentityJammer also provides ways to conceal a Corporation's IDentity as well. IDentityJammer can be used to obfuscate a computer's on-screen Identity as well.

IDentityJammer assignss data-types for automatically detected sensitive fields in your WebApp. You can instruct the IDentityJammer to obfuscate the fields using other desired data-types.

What it Does?

Automatic Data generation

IDentityJammer automatically generates artificial appropriate data to replace the original sensitive Data on a Web Application.

Automatic Data Masking

IDentityJammer can automatically mask out the Data by Replacing the Sensigive Data with XXXX Markers

Automatic Data Redacting

IDentityJammer can automatically Redact the classified sections of the Web Application

Allowing real application interaction

IDentityJammer can prevent PostBacks to the server to prevent accidental Presistance of Redacted Data

Automatic resoration of Data

IDentityJammer can automatically revert Data Back to Original State before data is to be restored.

How it works!

Browser Add-on

IDentityJammer is an Add-on that sits between your browser and the Web Application that you are accessing.

Browser DOM

IDentityJammer intercepts Browser DOM; It Processes tags and ids of the Html document. It finally marks some elements as classified.


IDentityJammer detects the nature of the rendered data (SSN,Name,Date,StudentID,Password,Pin,CreditCard,Address,..)

Privtaize Randomly

IDentityJammer generates relevant Random data to display in place of classified Data

Custom Redaction

IDentityJammer enables the user to redact any part within the WebApplication

Toolkit Usecases

Bank Usecase

Assume you are a bank Mortgage Specialist and you are processing a mortgage application. You are facing an issue within the Mortgage Software that you utilize within a Web Browser. You like to make a call to the Application Support Center. The support specialist needs you to share your screen using a screen collaboration software such GoToMeeting or WebEx. However, you are faced with a conundrum, you can’t allow the support specialist to view your customer’s private and sensitive data. NanoToolkit’s IDentityJammer will help you obfuscate away the sensitive data that your client has entrusted with you away from the uncertified eyes of the support specialist. IDentityJammer empowers you to allow others see your screen while the classified portion of the Data is hidden away.

HealthCare Usecase

A Doctor is researching a patient’s history of diagnosis and treatments within your respective Web Browser Based EHR. You need a colleague’s opinion on this patient’s Lab Results that have been recently received electronically. You can use NanoToolkit’s IDentityJammer to hide away the Patient’s critical data such as Her Name, Date of Birth, Address, Social Security, Medicare ID, Insurance MemberID, Employer and any other information that might reveal a user’s identity. This allows your colleague to view your patient’s anonymized Data without you having to reveal her identity. This is how NanoToolkit IDentityJammer allows you to stay compliant with HIPAA.

Insurance Usecase

You are an insurance Adjuster and you have been tasked with teaching an intern on how to move about the system on cases that she is assigned. You have an issue where you are authorized to look far more data about policy holders than the intern sitting next to you. IDentityJammer will help you overcome this difficulty. IDentityJammer will mask out the Policy Holder’s Identity and will instead show some generic data fields. For instance if the Address of the Customer was 1201 Main St. the System might replace that Data with 1854 Jefferson Road. IDentityJammer will take a similar approach for a Policy Holder’s other critical Data fields such as Name, Date of Birth, Driver’s License Number, Phone Number, E-Mail or any other fields that customer sensitive data is being displayed in. This allows you to give a tour of the system to your intern; show her what each button does but not reveal actual critical data to that intern.