NanoToolkit can help you design, implement and troubleshoot your software.

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Hybird or Full Cloud Based Application Development.

We can help you with New or existing Enterprise Applications based on SQLServer, Oracle, MySql, Postgress and or SQLite that need to be ported to a Cloud based Solution. We have proven experience using Microsoft Azure and Amazon WebServices. Let Us Help you with our Cloud Development Experience.

Website performance and scalability.

ASP.Net is one of the most popular software development platforms. Each time that a request on your website does not respond in a timely manner you are loosing a prospective customer.We have alot of experience tuning the peformance of complex website. We can tell you what it takes from optimizing content, caching, DNS, CDN, Static and Dynamic pages.

Distributed Server Application.

Do you have a Server application developed on top of WFC, ASP.NET WebApi, WSE? Do you have many TCP socket server listening for incoming connection and requests?We know how to improve the throughput of asynchronous Server. we can help you avoid deadlocks, lessen the use of synchronization objects.

Native Windows Application Developed with .Net WinForm, Win32 and OR MFC and ATL.

You develop Native Windows Applications using C++ and C# because you desire maximum performance. Let us help your team pinpoint issues that might be holding your Application back. We can help you integrate Legacy Windows Application with the online world.